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For Flat Bed Printing

Photo Emulsion for Flatbed Screen(2227)


Purpose Engraving of Flatbed Screen the direct Emulsion Method.
Colour Blue
Packing 10Kg, 30Kg


Sensitized Emulsion


Purpose 1kg. of Photo Emulsion to be mixed with 75ml to 100ml of Sensitizer.


Sensitized Emulsion


Purpose To add in photo emulsion as per requirement to expose Negative.
Colour Blue
Packing 10kg.




Purpose to coat red colour strip in each side of frame.
Colour Red
Packing 10kg, 30kg.


White Nicol( )828


Purpose to Fix bolting cloth on Flatbed Frame.
Colour White
Packing 35Ltr.




Purpose to dry screen in night.
Packing 10kg
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